Age Of Fear

by Ded End HC

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released February 28, 2017

Recorded By: Nick (Kill City Blues)
Mastered: Doom Tomb
Album Art: Tell The Raven Designs



all rights reserved


Ded End HC WC, South Africa

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Track Name: Honorable Speaker

Cut the shit stop fucking around
Useless motherfucker why do you stick around?
Talk is cheap
Your Sell-By-Date expired!

Loud fucking mouth but you don't make a sound
Death of a Nation for the money and the power
Lies and deciet our hearts growing sour

Honorable Speaker!

If this country had a throat
You would choke till it bleeds
Step the fuck down we want someone else to lead
Killing us slowly with your clowns up in office
People die starving
Spoonfed broken promise
Track Name: Age Of Fear

This is the Age of Fear
Just like year after year
Putting faith in a blind man
For fake smiles and dollar signs
No wonder we're Third World
Shifting the blame card

"Civil Unrest"
Always civil at best

Scapegoat for scapegoats
Raped land and slit throats
Our history repeats!

Revolution, is this it?
We always get the same old shit
We're fucked from the get-go
We never learn how to let go

Our history repeats
Our history repeats

We're deluded by victory
But fucked by defeat

Our history repeats

We're deluded by victory
But fucked by defeat
Track Name: Death Platoon

When the Nightwatch sounds
Death Platoon is alive
As if they never died

Battles, battles are lost. Battles are lost and won
Mourning life they never had
But they come to hear no tales

But they come to hear no tales

They want your past to live
Want your future to give, so give up
The fields you will patrol
Fields you will patrol

Marching on grounds of Hate
Screaming, Blood, its too late
Pain, your pain is never lost

When the Nightwatch sounds
Death Platoon is alive
As if they never died
Still programmed hate
Searching for their "fate"

Death Platoon!
Track Name: Free Dumb

You think you're free?

Massacre of the innocent
Our countrys in mourning

Our country is glowing
But inside its burning
People are dying for political favour
The seed of lies, rotten no matter the flavour
How can we sit back and let this happen?
We've seen it before but we never stopped them

Try as we might
Freedom they fake it
It's up to us to kill what we created

Freedom of speach
Has a price to be paid
I hope you slept well
In the bed that you made

No gods no masters
That's how it should be
Millions of people
With freedom of speach, see
We created a monster
From prosper to poverty
It's up to us to kill hypocrisy



You are free
To do what we tell you
Track Name: Friends With(out) Benefits

Hey you come outside
Take a look around your life is a lie
Got nothing to say
But everything to prove
The shit on your teeth is an obvious truth
Hey you, know what you are?
A two faced fuck who thinks it's a star
Can't stand tall on your two feet
Hard to talk shit with no fuckin teeth

I can't fuckin take it
Don't think you're self important

Hey you can I say something true
If I were you I'd hate myself too
Take a step back, assess the situation
Tough shit kid, bruised knuckle situation

Friends without benefits
Are like ticks or like syphilis
Their spineless minds
Make them blind

And you think we're friends!?
Track Name: Dragon's Hate

I fuckin hate you!

Sold my soul but the bastards not paying
Devils Advocate is the game we're playing
I idolize all of your idle minds
My blood is on fire addicted to the hate I pray
Indestructible, incorruptable
Pay my way with a minimum wage
Pave my ways by living a minimalistic life

Hate eats my flesh
Despondency, it breaks my bones
Fill my stomach with hellfire and brimstone.

Drink the blood, sweat and tears
Sitting on a throne built in your bones

I pray!